• strategic sourcings, distribution, accounting, information technology, logistics
  • Supply Chain, Market Development, Sales, Governance, Finance, Internal Audit, Systems
  • Recruitment, Call Centre, Customer Service, Corporate Social Responsibility, People Management
  • Organizational Design, Organizational Development, Human resources, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer, Retail

Phoenix Executive Network

Phoenix Executive Network (PEN) is Toronto's leading Executive Transition Support Network for C-Level executives. Since its inception in 2007, PEN remains by invitation only.


By design, we are represented by a mosaic of talented executives from all functional areas (eg C-Suite General Management, Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Legal, Operations, IT, etc). Members are empowered through shared resources and networks, across disciplines, markets and geography.


PEN is member-led without bureaucratic hierarchy while we actively engage each other to ensure support is provided to the members. We meet once a week to share network contacts, leverage best-in-class ideas and importantly, referrals. Senior thought leaders and guest speakers attend regularly to share unique insights on career advancement and network building.


In our approachable and collegial environment, close and long term relationships are built within a proactive C-Suite culture whose members leverage the strength and diversity they bring to the team. Access to our online network of hundreds of Alumni and Associate Members extends opportunities for members to connect across a broad spectrum of individuals.


Prospective members can begin their application through our website. If you are a C-Level Executive in transition, apply to PEN today and build relationships for a lifetime.


If you are a C-Level Executive currently in transition, apply now!


Executive Recruiters, Human Capital Professionals and Alumni are invited to:

President, CEO, CFO, CIO, Executive, Director