PEN provided a welcome environment during my transition between roles. I quickly became aware that there were many sources of generic information and advice available to professionals in these situations. PEN was recommended to me because it provided something different -- not only additional resources, but the stability of a network of executives living through similar circumstances. The collective coaching, discipline, and heartfelt comradery was irreplaceable. I’m very grateful to PEN and the group of individuals I had the opportunity to learn with while I was working through my transition to my next role.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be introduced and recommended to join the Phoenix Executive Network (PEN) during my recent career transition. This organization provided me with exceptional benefits in terms of networking with other senior leaders in transition, the opportunity to listen and engage with a terrific group of guest speakers with relevant topics to aid me in my job search and carefully curated industry insights, as well as an alumni network who were so gracious with their valuable time, support, and advice.

Personally, I found that networking with others in a variety of career transition groups was very important during my job search which ultimately assisted me in landing back on my feet, and PEN was different from the others in that it truly felt more like a family. We were there for each other at any time of day of the week, we supported each other during our recurring weekly conversations, and we also provided guidance, opinions, and honest recommendations navigating through the ups and downs of a job search.

It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and a group where I would highly recommend to any other leader who finds themselves in career transition. I am very proud to be able to continue to support this organization by becoming a PEN Alumni.

The Phoenix Executive Network is the most comprehensive network group available in the marketplace to Senior Level Executives who find themselves in career transition. This personal Board of Directors serves to motivate, inform, guide and strategize together in support of like-minded and common-focused individuals. During my time in the group, I expanded my network, increased my career focus, narrowed my priorities and benefitted from the expertise provide not only by the fellow member, but also PEN alumni and industry-leading guest speakers on critical and current topics. I cannot recommend PEN highly enough.

During my career transition period I had the good fortune to be recommended to join the Phoenix Executive Network. As I participated in several executive networking groups centered around career transition, I assumed the experience would be much the same and allow me to expand my contacts and overall network. PEN membership certainly fulfilled this expectation but also proved to be invaluable in additional ways.

The group of successful executives at PEN provide both an open forum and one on one conversations in which open and honest feedback and accountability are expected and encouraged. The weekly PEN meetings became the anchor point in my career search, and I looked forward to learning about the personal experiences of fellow members and benefited from the peer support, snippets of useful advice and the monthly guest speakers.

Joining PEN was one of the best decisions I made in my search journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend that any executives in career transition consider membership.

PEN was important in my successful realization of my new role. I truly benefited from the pedigree and personality of Phoenix team members during my transition. I highly recommend Phoenix Executive Network for your job search.

One of the things I enjoy about my executive roles is that I wake up in the morning, go to work and work with a team of great people to meet goals, overcome challenges and connect the dots. When I moved into transition I lost that team. PEN became that team. Highly accomplished executives who motivated, supported and held me accountable for moving through transition. A well run network that has a strong and large alumni willing to support executives during this time. I would recommend it to any executive not just because of the transition support but also because of the great people you meet and will stay connected to for many years to come.

Joining PEN was instrumental and valuable during transition. The executives in the network provided perspectives, feedback and support in ways which helped with the journey towards a new role.

The tools, benefits and resources at your disposal would take weeks or months of researching and developing. The disciplined approach to meetings and accountability were productive. Executives in this group have so much experience and knowledge to share with one another. Most importantly developing your network is critical in transition and PEN allowed me to expand beyond my existing relationships.

PEN is highly recommended and should be considered by anyone in transition.

With the help of the Phoenix Executive Network I was able to accelerate my networking into numerous industries that I would not normally have any visibility in. With their support and guidance, I refined my brand and value proposition which were major contributions in landing my next great role - a senior position in one of my target industries. The regular Monday morning meeting provided much need structure to a difficult process, and their honest feedback and challenging questions kept me focused in my journey. I would highly recommend PEN to anyone senior executive in transition.

I found my experience at Phoenix Executive Network very rewarding. It helped me on a number of fronts. Early Monday morning sessions energized me for a productive week. Interaction with PEN members offered strong networking opportunities as most members were senior, well connected and respected executives. Perhaps, the most important part of PEN experience for me was connecting with people on a personal level. All PEN members faced similar challenges during transition period, and understanding that I was not alone in this journey and getting support from others was invaluable.

The Phoenix Executive Network proved to be a very good use of my time and energy. My goals of 'sharpening' the focus of my next career move and broadening my professional network were met through interacting with this professional and diverse group. It was energizing to meet, engage and discuss strategy and tactics on a weekly basis.

There were some excellent and insightful speakers that engaged and provoked us as a group. This further served to bolster and leverage our collective strengths. It was a tremendous lift knowing that you had some pretty high-powered help as part of your immediate network. It was equally gratifying, in turn, to be able to use your own personal and professional experience to assist fellow members land in their next roles.

To any executive in transition, I would strongly recommend they take a close look at joining this select group.

As a member of the Phoenix Executive Network I was part of a team of executives in transition with a broad range of experiences from diverse backgrounds. Being able to network through this group was instrumental in accelerating my career search, keeping me on target and on task.

The weekly Monday morning meetings provided structure and accountability to my career search. Having the opportunity to seek advice and feedback from fellow PEN members in a friendly, welcoming environment was invaluable. The PEN group significantly increased my networking reach as all members were willing to share their contacts and provide meaningful introductions to many individuals within their own professional networks.

I would highly recommend PEN to any senior executive in transition.

PEN is a great organization - for an executive in career transition it provides access to like-minded executives and their contacts, connections and advice. The regular Monday morning meetings replicate the executives natural habitat - a boardroom. The discussions are interactive, direct and supportive - everyone is working together for a common goal.

For executive recruiters and researchers PEN should become one of their prime sources of talent - think of it as LinkedIn live.

PEN was great for me and I consider my fellow PEN active and alumni both colleagues and friends.

In transition you will likely have the opportunity to join, or come across networking groups. The decision you have to make is whether you want to join one?

The first benefit is discipline, attending (normally) weekly meetings and being held accountable for your productivity in networking by your peers. The second benefit is advice, on a range of search related topics from application to negotiation of offer. The third benefit is networking/connecting with executives in companies and around opportunities that you are targeting, working with the group's networks.

PEN is unrivalled in the sense that it can re-frame your search; in terms of being held accountable to be productive in networking, providing depth of experience through peer advice/coaching and being explosive in creating new networking opportunities.

PEN is about landing in a great role, not about meeting weekly to discuss search and transition. If you want results, PEN can help speed you on your way.

PEN was extremely beneficial to me. It helped put structure into my search, and expanded my reach into the business community. There was a shared sense of responsibility in helping each member land their next great opportunity, so I never felt alone in my search.

The opportunity to work with a diverse group of senior executives and the resulting sharing of ideas and contacts, made joining PEN the turning point in my recent transition. Equally important, the connections made have provided lasting friendships and an invaluable network for the rest of my career.

What I discovered about networking from my PEN cohort turned the dog paddle into a fast, efficient freestyle stroke. Effortless, enjoyable and much easier to get where you are going.

Joining the Phoenix Network gave my networking a kick-start. I gained new insights on how to approach networking and gained valuable information from the various speakers who attended our meetings. I highly recommend Phoenix to anyone who wants to expand the scope of their networking and search efforts.

The Phoenix Executive Network is an excellent, resource of information, talent and network of senior executive experience. For any executive, especially at a senior level, entering a period of transition this is a challenging and, dare I say, a traumatic time in a person's life. The help and support from the Phoenix network, both present and the Alumni is invaluable. The meetings are well planned and organized in a corporate environment in order to maintain executive engagement. The introductions and referrals are outstanding. As a senior executive officer going through a first time transition experience this network provided me exceptional support and guidance. They are the essence of understanding: 'what you know, what you don't know, about something that is important to you!'

Networking works!

I found the Phoenix Executive Network (PEN) through networking and through PEN I found my job. You know that statistic, 80% of jobs are found through networking. well its true.

As an executive, you have a significant advantage as a member of PEN when looking for your next VP or higher role because of the depth of networks each member brings. Cross industry, cross country and internationally, the group of individuals within PEN represent multiple disciplines and experiences. PEN members are accepted to join PEN because of what they contribute to every meeting and their extensive network. The team's willingness to make warm introductions on your behalf to the right people at the right level, will help you expand your network and possibly meet the right person connected to your next role. That's how I found my current role.

As a member of PEN you are required to clearly articulate what you bring as well as what you are looking for (role, industry, experience). By being clear, focused and detailed, the team can and will introduce you to the right people in their network.

Accelerate the impact and depth of your networking by joining the Phoenix Executive Network.