Guest Speakers

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Gareth Callaway

Gareth Callaway, Gateway

Gareth Callaway is the President of Gateway, a Toronto-based recruiting company that has been in business for over 25 years. Gateway works across diverse industries, middle management and up, as well as IT across the board.

Gareth is a firm believer that successful recruitment is grounded in employee retention, and he practices what he preaches. With the aid of behavioural profiling and cognitive testing, Gateway ensures that their clients hire the person, not the resume. Employee retention starts with employee engagement.

Many employers and even more job seekers don’t understand how to engage their employees in work. Gareth will show you how to better understand what will engage you and how to make the new job a better fit for YOU.

Of course, all of this starts with landing that job. Getting a job is a job; Gareth will show you how to plan and execute for that next great role.

Bonus - if you attend the group meeting, he’ll share an invitation for you to take a quick 6-minute questionnaire so that he can build your behavioural profile for you.